PPC Campaign Management

Acquire qualified leads with NK Marketing! We have 10 years of experience managing pay-per-click accounts. We are also AdWords Search Certified and offer complete PPC advertising management and monitoring services, following a comprehensive process:

  1. Goal review and pay-per-click strategy
  2. Whether your goals are to increase site traffic, grow leads, or drive sales, we will help you determine the objectives of your campaign so we can craft targeted ads with measurable conversion actions that fit your advertising budget

  3. Keyword selection
  4. NK Marketing will explore queries relevant to your business and goals, evaluate their search volume and competitiveness, and determine which ones to select for advertising

  5. Ad production
  6. We will organize keywords into ad groups and create relevant ad copy to catch your potential customers’ attention, answering the needs expressed in their search queries while promoting the benefits of your products and services

  7. Landing page selection
  8. We will select or create pages on your website to match each ad, optimizing their content to enhance your PPC visitors’ experience and engage them with compelling call-to-actions (CTAs) to boost conversions

  9. Ad performance tracking and evaluation
  10. We will periodically review ad, keyword, and landing page performance, making adjustments as needed to maximize ROI

Whether you are looking into improving your current results or a first-time online advertiser, we can help you reach your customers and maximize your marketing budget.