About Us

Meet Natacha Krzesaj

A native of France, Natacha came to Baton Rouge in 1996 to study at LSU and never left the city.

Working in small business environments where resources can be limited encouraged her to go beyond the traditional marketing education she had received, developing and mastering new skills like search engine optimization, paid search adverting and web design, allowing her to offer her clients a wide array of internet marketing services.

When not busy optimizing clients' websites, she manages Baton Rouge Distilling, co-founded with her husband. Among many things, she enjoys mixing cocktails and traveling over the world.

Natacha Krzesaj, Owner of NK Marketing, LLC


NK Marketing is a one-person operation with a full focus on customer service and meeting deadlines. Here is what you can expect:

  • We only accept new projects for which we can be fully dedicated
  • You deal straight with the SEO Consultant: no third-party liaison or intermediary between you and the production team
  • As a company owner, Natacha understands your needs and expectations for a reliable business partner you can trust

SEO Principles

  • SEO is not about tricking visitors to come to your site; it is about bridging the language gap between your business, potential customers and search engines to grow your website traffic.
  • Search Engine Optimization is not a quick fix, it is a long-term investment in the equity of your website, building a strong online presence in search results one page at a time.
  • SEO is a tool that works alongside with site functionality, content management, and customer service to provide an outstanding user experience.


Over the years, Natacha has developed and honed her skills as an in-house web editor, content manager and experienced SEO and PPC analyst. After 6 years as the Digital Marketing Manager for a company with multiple e-commerce sites, she decided to launch NK Marketing in 2017. More details...