Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses

A Holistic Approach

NK Marketing is a freelance inbound marketing agency based in Baton Rouge, LA. Our mission is to provide quality internet marketing services, including SEO, PPC advertising, e-newsletter management, analytics, and content writing to local businesses.

Through a comprehensive process, we use search engine optimization tools and methods to help websites organically improve their online visibility, monitoring and measuring results to maintain accomplishments and discover new opportunities.

We will partner with you to explore the uniqueness of the services and products you offer and work on your website's optimization to make sure you will be discovered by potential customers, bridging the language gap that may exist between your business and the online world.

Golden Rules


Always Be Authentic

Our goal is to help you communicate on your genuine assets, not to trick visitors or search engines.

Content is King

We believe in crafting quality content, that is both informative and compelling, and written for people, not search engines!

Content is King
Organization is Key

Organization is Key

SEO checklists, content best practices, and other guidelines help maintain a well-structured website, ensure content cohesiveness and are the foundation for powerful branding.

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